Wearing Lots of Hats

Do you remember the kid’s book “Caps For Sale”? It is about the peddler who wears all these hats and sells them. It is what I think about when I give a speech.

Every time I am giving a speech to retailers, I mention about how we retailers wear so many hats.

We are chief salespeople, head buyers, advertising and marketing executives, merchandising experts…. and we often change the toilet paper and sometimes are the only ones to notice that the light bulbs are out.

Afterwards, people always come up to me to comment on how true that description is.

The truth gets the biggest reaction.

“You are wearing about 37 hats – and it isn’t a good look on you,” I say.

Truth gets the biggest laugh

You have to choose to take them all off.

Take a look at each.

Decide which ones you WANT to wear.

Decide which ones look good on you – and which look better on others in your store.

Everyone benefits from your CHOICE.

Most importantly, your raving fans will benefit from it…which means your sales will too.

Truth gets the biggest results.

The beauty of our RetailMavens Academy program is that we give you the tools…the step by step process for each of the hats you wear. Decide which ones you want to keep and which to give away.

Wearing the right hat gives you the right look to get you the results you want.

That is what I want for you too… Let’s do it together.