Should You Buy From That Vendor Again? How To Know For Sure!

As an indie retailer, doesn’t it seem like you are always buying? I get asked so often, “How do I know for certain how a vendor is performing for me?” It is easier than you think to measure vendor performance. There are 5 steps to take. They can make all the difference. Every time I have clients do this exercise, … Read More

Did You Break Your New Year’s Retail Resolution Yet?

Actually perhaps a better question is…do you even still remember what it was? Did you write it down? The first week or so of the year is full of such hope and opportunity right? You dream about how life and your store can be different. Often it seems like the most obvious solution to those dreams is more sales. If … Read More

What Is The First Thing You Should Pay in 2013?

What Is The First Thing You Should Pay in 2013? The start of a new year is filled with hope and promise, right? Like you, I am very visual. The new year reminds me of a bright shiny new penny or a beautiful pristine landscape covered in snow. There is one thing that you have to pay to keep your … Read More


I HATE FAILURE. I LOVE SUCCESS It is essential for every person who is serious about achieving significant personal and business growth to work with a coach. That is a fact. You can’t do it on your own. In a meeting in January, my coach and I developed an action plan that included the execution of this one particular activity. … Read More

Sharpen Now.

What?! It was the last weekend of summer?! I can’t believe it. In fact, I refuse to believe it. I am going to squeeze every single marvelous moment out of it! This is what I did just the other day. Sigh…My daughter and I floating in our neighbor’s spring fed pond…just chatting away…about stuff you don’t talk about when the … Read More

What is YOURS?

I can’t stop thinking about the success of Clare’s volleyball team.  And how much of it applies to your store.  Determine what your sales goal is through the end of the year right now. Write it down.  Use a bright piece of paper and put it in a spot where you will see it. Next think about what you will … Read More