Eating an Elephant

Growing your business requires the same strategy as eating an elephant. An elephant is HUGE and if I were going to eat it – what would I do? How would I start? Where would I start?  There is a secret and super easy way to do it… one bite at a time. Your goal is to have a larger paycheck. … Read More

Ads for Indies – Attract Your Next Raving Fan

One of the most common questions our clients have is about how best to market their stores. Not just to have pretty ads and social media followers, but to get folks to come into their stores and fall in love! It’s so different for indies than it is for almost any other type of business. We asked a recent client … Read More

7 Steps to a Retail Profit Breakthrough

After you watch, join me on June 8th at 3pm CST for: The 7 Steps to a Retail Profit Breakthrough This is a webinar I’ve created precisely because I’m tired of hearing stories of struggle and frustration. I’m ready to hear stories of success, profit, and the JOY that you had when you opened your store. Click here to reserve … Read More

What To Do With What’s Left?

So you have done your fabulous sale. BUT there are still a few things left. What to do with them? If this was their first Clearance Sale, then box them up to use as the loss leaders for the next one. All items should go through two clearance sales. If they have already been through two sales, then you can … Read More

Let’s Talk. You Have A Problem.

Really.  Thanks so much for coming.  I am so glad that you agreed to meet with me.  Big Hug.  I promise to keep this short and sweet.  Because I love you, I have to share with you this teeny tiny small shortcoming that is really costing you.  We have all been talking about it and know that you would want … Read More

Caps for Sale. How Many Do You Wear?

Do you remember the kid’s book “Caps For Sale”?  It is about the peddler who wears all these hats and sells them.  It is what I think about when I give a speech. Every time I am giving a speech to retailers, I mention about how we retailers wear so many hats. We are chief salespeople, head buyers, advertising and … Read More

Reducing Shopping Anxiety

Fred Mael, Phd December can be a time of anxiety for everyone involved in retail activity. For store owners and merchandise producers, there is so much riding on having a smashing season’s finale. For retail employees, it can mean very long hours and big, agitated crowds – and the alternative is worse.  And for many shoppers who should be … Read More

7 WriterDowners From the Indie Retailers Conference

The Independent Retailers Conference was an event full of great resources and fantastic education. So much so that I decided to share some key insights…or “writerdowners” as I like to call them! That means that they are so good that they must be written down so as not to be forgotten! 1. From Ron Cates of Constant Contact: Use Arial … Read More

What Is The First Thing You Should Pay in 2013?

What Is The First Thing You Should Pay in 2013? The start of a new year is filled with hope and promise, right? Like you, I am very visual. The new year reminds me of a bright shiny new penny or a beautiful pristine landscape covered in snow. There is one thing that you have to pay to keep your … Read More