Fun and Games!

Are you feeling the pressure? When you are in the midst of a big month before a holiday like we are now, it can start to feel pretty tense. Let me share with you some strategies that my private clients use in times like this to make sure that they reach their sales goals. You know that you have to … Read More

Why Do Independent Retailers Fail?

A New York Times business columnist asked me this question.  “There are three reasons”, I replied. They ignore numbers. They ignore customers. They ignore their own story. All of this happens because they are so busy running their stores.  They don’t stop multi tasking long enough to be strategic and develop a plan. THIS IS TRAGIC. THIS IS A DUMB … Read More

Big Goals….Small Steps

Last week I talked to you about setting your big sales goal through the end of the year.  I got such a great response to it – read it before you go on. Click here to read last week’s article: So you set your BIG GOAL…