I don’t want to be known as an “always on sale’s store!”

I don’t want to be known as an “always on sale” store!   This is an actual story about the most recent client to ask this question…..names have been changed to protect the innocent! “I had a great bag made with my logo on it.  My idea is to give it away as a gift with purchase on Earth Day … Read More


It is NCAA basketball time. I LOVE IT! It is March Madness.  All these teams get one shot.  If they lose – they go home.  If they go big, they advance. For you, to advance means to increase your profits, right?  So how do you go big? In order to go big, let’s start by going small.  Let’s look at … Read More

Radical Way To Treat Vendors

Remember vendors are your partners. If your business grows – their business grows. Find the vendors who understand this principle. Have a deep and thorough conversation on how you can help each other double your business. Yes. Seriously. What do you each need to do so that you can multiply your business with that vendor by a factor of 2? … Read More

The 3 Keys to “Clear it Out” Cash Flow Nirvana

Do you know The 3 Keys to “Clear it Out” Cash Flow Nirvana? 1. There’s no crying in retail. Every once in a while, you may find that you made a mistake in your buying. Maybe you reordered just one too many times. Perhaps you ordered something in 3 colors and one was just plain ugly! You might have ordered too … Read More

Got Some Lazy Items In Your Store?

Jean said – “Your Killer Clearance Sale has worked like magic for us! My team loves it. We have moved so much inventory and made lots of money from it.” “That’s great Jean. I am so happy to hear that!” I replied. “But Cathy I have another problem. What can I do RIGHT NOW about merchandise that has already run … Read More

Super Bowl = Super Store Sales

114,400,000 people. That is the number of viewers for the Super Bowl XLIX on February 1, 2015. An incredible 71.1% of all TV’s on at that time were watching the game. It is a major cultural event. Don’t miss using it as an opportunity to drive traffic to your store. Use it as the end of the sale season. Generally, … Read More

Facebook Is Lying To You.

I help facilitate a Facebook page for a group of entrepreneurs. The page is for day-to-day support. Everyone is encouraged to use the page as a place to ask questions, share celebrations and challenges. I was monitoring the page one day and I saw a post by someone who “admitted” she had been hiding. She shared that things had been … Read More

The Single Best Customer Relationship Tip

I know. I know. I have told you about this before. But you are still not doing it, are you? One of our executive coaches for the Profit Club was a client for years.  Michael heard me telling him to do this exact thing many times.  He resisted it.  Like you are. So, all the Profit Club members get unlimited … Read More

7 Steps to a Retail Profit Breakthrough

After you watch, join me on June 8th at 3pm CST for: The 7 Steps to a Retail Profit Breakthrough This is a webinar I’ve created precisely because I’m tired of hearing stories of struggle and frustration. I’m ready to hear stories of success, profit, and the JOY that you had when you opened your store. Click here to reserve … Read More

My Fav Easter Cartoon Ever

Want to know what My Fav Easter Cartoon Ever is? You know when you see something that makes you laugh so hard that you double over holding your belly. And everyone else in the room is laughing too. That just makes you laugh at it harder, right? Then when you catch your breath… you are breathing so heavy with a … Read More