The Donation Dilemma

The definition of the word ‘dilemma’ is a situation in which somebody must choose one of two or more unsatisfactory alternatives. That describes EXACTLY how we retailers feel when a customer comes up to the counter with a piece of paper in her hand and says, “Is the owner in? This is one of my favorite stores and I shop … Read More

People Are Out…and NOT In Your Store

All my conversations with my private clients have been about what to do about sales this month. I thought that you might benefit from this too. You MUST know what your monthly goal is to begin with! There is still more than a week left. It isn’t over. Commit to taking action Set up a way to communicate with your … Read More

Grandma Donovan’s Soda Bread Recipe

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It is a big national holiday in our house. All of my grandparents were born in Ireland, as were Paul’s mother’s parents. When she was alive, my grandmother always had knitting needles in her hands. In fact she became blind in the last years of her life and yet she still produced wonderful beautiful Irish sweaters … Read More


I have so much to be thankful for this year…and I am sure that you do as well. Be sure to stop and take the time to fill your heart before you fill your tummy! When I take time to identify both my blessings and those who shine love into my life I am always happiest. Make the time. You … Read More