How You Should Greet Customers in Retail

how to greet customers in retail

Have you ever wondered how you should greet customers in retail? How you greet customers can actually make or break your sales success. Many retailers I work with either feel awkward greeting a customer when they walk in their door or they fall into a standard response like “Can I help you?”, because they think that’s what they’re supposed to … Read More

Is the Battle Between Indie Retail vs. Big Box Real?

indie retail

I am the first to agree that independent retail comes with its fair share of challenges and obstacles. So is the battle between indie retail vs. big box real? Truthfully? There are many store owner misconceptions – that creates obstacles that otherwise wouldn’t be there. I find that the fourth quarter and holiday season tend to bring these misconceptions, fears, … Read More

5 Retail Skills Your Team Must Know

You have worked hard to create great relationships with your raving fans. Those relationships can be easily damaged by lacking customer interaction skills from your team. You don’t want to lose any business that way.

Get Out of a Sales Slump

how to get out of a sales slump

Are you in a sales slump? No doubt you’ve spent the extra time cleaning up and re-merchandising your store, thinking that eventually your sales will pick back up, right? Except they don’t. Your sales are down and your store is full of great in-season merchandise. Your knee jerk reaction might be to throw a sale. Because a good sale will … Read More